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We are here with 10 years of experience

  • AMEN TOOL is used to extract text even from an extremely low resolution image or a scanned document with far better accuracy when compared to traditional OCR Software. With this you can convert books and documents into text or Ms Word format and to automate various business processes.
  • Our Recognition technology will help you get the best results for your image conversions. We can guarantee our software offers extraordinary accuracy and performance because we have devoted significant effort in developing hi-fi modules which not only make the pattern training easy, but also assures the best accuracy.
  • Automate. Transform. -Waiting is no longer an option. Today's imperatives require frictionless experiences that delight customers and employees. To do this, you must eliminate manual business processes and digitally transform your high-value business workflows. The ones encoding how you do things smarter, faster, better, cheaper
  • Digitally transform our customer experience front to back using automation, analytics, and AI to gain predictive insights, agile operations, and a strong competitive advantage.
  • We have very rich experience in all kind of BPO Projects available in the market and we can convert any type of images into your desired format with less price than anyone in the market and best accuracy.
  • We have best AI cutting technology applications with us to convert any type of Encrypted Images into desired output.

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