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  • AMEN QC Check software was developed and designed as a user-friendly application for achieving 100% accuracy by making the QC Process of your Image Data Entry or Image Conversion notable easy and comfortable.
  • AMEN QC Check software provides the best feature which shows after every line of the image with your text, which helps to compare and make the necessary adjustments there itself.
  • As QC check software incorporated with U.S. English Dictionary where it shows any spelling mistakes in the text which you entered but not read the data and compare the image to text on its own self. However, to support you more we added the most commonly used special characters in the application, you can use it by just clicking on the character provided in the software.
  • Also, you can adjust the distance between the image and text lines and the Font Name and Font Size of the displayed text. Supports all Image formats such as Tiff, Jpg, Bmp, Gif, Png, etc. Very friendly application with no restrictions on pages limit for quality checking.


  • Chance to get 100% accuracy.
  • Reduce your Quality Checking time by at least 5X times.
  • Avoid missing errors in the text.
  • Avoid line missing/mismatch.
  • Reduce your eye strain while comparing the image and text.
  • Avoid common typing errors.
  • With limited man power you can complete more number projects QC in a short span.


Please note that our AMEN QC Check Software does not automatically recognize any mistakes in your text by comparing the Image and the Text file. This software is only designed to make your manual Quality Checking process easier.

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