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AMEN ICR Software - Image to text conversion software, Word, Excel, Html

AMEN ICR Software is Image to text conversion software, was designed and developed to achieve the Best Accuracy and Best Customer Satisfaction. After long research, we identified that many of the conversion products available in the market are not providing either Accuracy or Service sometimes both. To suppress that situation, we developed the software with the best Artificial intelligence team who has more relevant experience in neural networks to get the best accuracy using ICR conversion and also proved.

ICR Image to text software helps us to in bulk converting your images into text and also supports more languages and fonts to give the best accuracy. The AMEN ICR software is constantly learning neural networks developed by Artificial Intelligence helps us to give the best accuracy in any language and font. The more the data will be available, the better the ICR software would be able to learn and process handwritten documents. Any exception can result in wrong data interpretation.

Our Neural Network ICR engine identifies and extracts text from very low-resolution images containing colours also. AMEN ICR software has been tested and verified, can convert any kind of difficult image into any text format which cannot convert by any other products available in the market.


  • Best and High Accuracy
  • Time Save
  • Low Cost than any one in market
  • Support all types of image formats
  • Can convert into any type of text format
  • Bulk/Batch conversion support
  • Auto Image Correction
  • Convert all fonts and all font styles
  • Support all language of characters
  • Helps you to avoid Human Typo Errors

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