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File Time Settings Changing Software

File Time Settings Changing Software

AMEN Time setting tool will help you in reconstructing the time on your file.

The main reason for modifying the time on your file is to get full payment and to avoid the basic scrutiny check.

Here is the demo for the modification of time on your output file.

Like showing on the screen, open Input files folder. Now create an output folder on the desired location in your system. For demo purposes, I created a folder and named it OUT.

Now open the AMEN time setting tool, click on the input folder option to input the required files, and also choose the output folder where you want to save the completed files in your system.

Click on the START DATE option to select the start date, and if you required shift timing option please opt accordingly, which is available in this most advanced application only.

DURATION OF EACH FILE option helps you to choose the intervals between each file. After selecting the all required options, please click on CONVERT NOW to convert the files and it will autosave into the commanded output folder.

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